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How Dash Cams Could Be Your Best Investment

Posted by Jeff McCarthy | Apr 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

Technology is moving fast.  Especially in the realm of consumer camera technology.  

With the emergence of faster compression rates and the ability to store large amounts of data on micro SD cards, dash cameras are no longer regulated to police cars and other commercial vehicles.

A dash cam, or dashboard-mounted camera, is a device designed to record video and audio of everything that happens when you are driving.  As of a quick search on came back with 1,000's of options.  

Dash cams can cost anywhere from $20 for low-end models to $250 for the cream of the crop with $100 being the average price for a quality camera. They consist of a single or double lens digital camera.  They can mount via a suction cup to your window or dashboard, powered through direct 12-volt wiring to your vehicle, batteries, or the cigarette lighter.

How they work; as soon as you start your car, the camera records video directly to an SD card, or micro-SD card, on a continuous loop, so it sees what you see as a driver. Some can record sound, most have the ability record in night vision, and some even have built-in GPS so you know where something was recorded.

03 dashcam trio

This is a lot to consider.  Luckily, sites like do an excellent job of breaking down and comparing various models.

Why you NEED a dash cam  

A dash cam could be the critical piece of evidence that saves you 1,000's in your claim or fighting a frivolous lawsuit (or at the very least make a great viral youtube video).  

Whenever I am speaking with a client that has been in a car accident the first thing I always remind them is, "the other side is going to lie."  It is just a reality, either because they are genuinely trying to misrepresent the facts, they are mistaken, or just remembered the accident wrong.  Having a video of the incident is one of the best pieces of evidence you can have.  For the small investment, it is a great piece of mind.

If you have been involved in a car accident, don't delay and call a Houston, Texas Car Accident Lawyer at the McCarthy Law Group today.  We offer free consultations, and as always we appreciate your trust in letting us serve your legal needs.  

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